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Clergy Deployment

Are you called by God to the Ministry?

If you ask any clergyman in the Diocese of the Eastern United States why they set aside so much in their lives to go to seminary, to be educated and trained, and to serve God, they will all say that they are "called" by God.  This calling is both profoundly  foundational and apostolic.  It is the starting place for all ordained ministry in the Apostolic Succession.


There are many ways to serve the Church that are both ordained and not ordained.  For this page we will mention only those of the three Minor and three Major Orders.


For men that are called there are three Minor Orders:

- Acolyte (permanent)

- Reader / Cantor

- Subdeacon

These orders involve an intensive training program, mentorship, a background check, recommendation by both the parish rector and the vestry, as well as the approval of the Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese.


For men that are called to the sacramental Major (Holy) Orders of deacon, priest, and bishop, there is significantly more preparation required including a religious education and degree, a complete physical, and psychological assessment, as well as all of the things required for the Minor Orders.  


There are also times whenever clergy of another Christian denomination may wish to enter into the Holy Orders of the Anglican Church.  Each of these situations is slightly different and candidates are carefully considered and enter into a process that may lead to either incardination or ordination depending on circumstances

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Each man is different in his calling and abilities.  We encourage you to reach out to have a discussion to help you discern if you have a vocation in the Church.  Everyone has a place in the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Let us help you discover where you fit and help you get started.

Contact Bishop Bower:

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